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Speech Therapists identify and attend to various speech and language problems. Individuals with the following delays/disorders will benefit from speech therapy:

Delayed speech acquisition

This includes children between the ages of 0-3 who present with difficulties learning to speak and communicate. A child should start using words from the age of one and then gradually increase their vocabulary and start putting words together.

Articulation disorders

This includes people who present with the incorrect pronunciation of various speech sounds, for example a lisp. These issues can become obstacles in life and prohibit patients from reaching their full potential in certain aspects. The therapists work closely with the patients to optimize their pronunciation of certain sounds.

Phonological Disorders

This includes children who can produce certain sounds in isolation, but when the sound is produced within a word or sentence it is no longer produced correctly, e.g. “kip” instead if “skip”.

Auditory perceptual delays

This includes children who present with difficulties in various auditory skills such as auditory memory, auditory sequencing, auditory discrimination, auditory synthesis and analysis, rhyming, reading and spelling. These skills are very important for learning to read and spell and for future scholastic development.

Language delays and disorders

This includes people who present with a delay in vocabulary, sentence construction, use of language structures etc. It affects their ability to interact by means of communication.

Language confusion

This includes children who are regularly exposed to more than one language. The child may become confused and start to mix their languages, resulting in a language delay.

Verbal/oral apraxia

This includes people who have an inability to correctly plan and produce speech and oral movements. It is a speech disorder in which a person has trouble saying what he or she wants to say correctly and consistently.


This includes people who present with a stutter. Dysfluency refers to the interruption in the flow of speech. It can start as early as the age of two and be present throughout adult life. Dysfluency can also occur as a result of a stroke or traumatic injury.


This includes people who struggle with speech production as a result of weakness in the muscles needed for speech. This can occur as a result of neurological conditions.


This includes people who present with a receptive/expressive communication problem as a result of neurological conditions.

Voice disorders

This includes people who present with an abnormal sounding voice.


This includes people who present with swallowing disorders

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    Leanne Shelly's practice is located at the Blaauwberg Therapy Centre. She specialises in evaluating and treating children and adults who have difficulty communicating with others

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